"The enormous influence of Social Media has become obvious. Establishing your social media marketing voice allows you to utilize its enormous potential to connect."

Keep your clients, fans & friends updated with the Platforms and Channels they use to stay informed.  A managed integrated strategy provides:
Welcome to the World of Social Media
  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Relationships
  • Lead Generation
  • Engagement & Dialogue
Social Media connects you with them 
MRL will help you to access the social media setting and its potential.  Our strategy allows you to begin your "conversation" and then develop & expand as you grow. 
Baseline your social presence
Determine the right platforms
Establish basic channels
Identify feedback venues
Manage & monitor
"We knew we needed to employ social media - we just didn't know how to start or in what direction... MRL showed us which way to go, managed it for us as well as documenting its impact." 

-Valley Pain Center, Huntingdon Valley, PA.
Evaluate SM expansion
Identify specialized venues
Develop quality content
Analyze SM impact
Integrate company-wide

Providing services to the New York Metro, Long Island and Philadelphia Regions
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.... and get the "conversation" going
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